WeCup and Outy have partnered together to bring the best out of two products - take away cups and digital stamp cards!

Yep, it's in Dutch :-)


How it works?

Step 1

Customers order coffee
and display their personal card to the barista

Step 2

Barista scans the code from the customers' phone screen
Any mobile device with camera and active internet connection can be used

Step 3

Barista adds a stamp
As soon as the card is filled, barista can issue a new one from the same menu and reward the customer with the offer

Wait, where did the customer get the card in the first place?

Easy as pie!

Only once per customer, they just point their phone to the Outy QR code printout and they're ready to go, in less than a minute

Business benefits with Outy

Times more customers with Outy digital loyalty cards.

Times more returning customers compared with paper cards.

Times growth in annual revenue.

What's the deal?

If you are a customer of WeCup , you can use Outy with 30% discount while you are using Wecup cups!