Loyalty cards

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Doodle of a Coffee cup

Coffee Shop

Doodle of a Coffee cup

Specialty coffee shops were among the first to adopt digital loyalty cards from Outy. Join the growing community of top coffee shops around the world today.

Doodle of a Retail bag

Retail shops

Doodle of a Retail bag

Outy membership cards is a focal point of connection between customers and retail businesses. Learn more how we can help your retail business grow.

Doodle of a bearded person


Doodle of a bearded person

Nothing beats loyal customer in the barbershop. Make the customer stay with you for years instead of hopping to different barbershops by offering them Outy digital loyalty cards tailored for barbers needs.

Doodle of an ice cream

Ice Cream Shops

Doodle of an ice cream

If you are working seasonally it does not make sense to pay subscription costs for the winter months when you are not actively engaging with customers. Outy is the only digital loyalty solution on the market that won't charge you off season!

Doodle of a bicycle

Bicycle Shops

Doodle of a bicycle

Membership cards with point based-systems and loyalty cards (discounts on repair) are just a few of the best options used by our lovely bicycle shop owners.

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Doodle of a burger

Fast Food

Doodle of a burger

Digital stamp cards is a perfect fit for Fast Food restaurants, both single ones and chains. It is designed to have extremely fast interaction between customer and business, thus it's a perfect fit for Fast Food chains with high daily turnover of customers.

Will I need an App to use Outy?

No app is needed to use Outy. Outy is browser based, it works on any device that has a camera and an active internet connection.

Will the customer need an App?

No App download is requested from customers. They can create and store their unique stamp card by scanning the Outy QR code.

If it can be used in the browser, can't others scan the QR code and give themselves stamps?

No, that is not possible. Only the devices that you register and approve will be able to stamp the digital stamp cards.

What happens to customers' data? Do you sell it?

At Outy, we take data privacy very seriously. We do not engage in the reselling of any data that we collect from our users. Our primary objective is to use this data for analytical purposes, which help us improve our services and provide a better user experience. We ensure that all data is stored securely and is not publicly viewable.

What happens if one of my customers loses their device? Do they also lose their stamp card?

In the unfortunate event your customer loses their device, their stamp card will still be usable. You can search for specific stamp cards using the search bar on the Outy main page after logging in. You can search cards using the e-mail address they used to register or through the unique code assigned to each stamp card.

What if one of my employees is giving out free stamps?

Outy can actively monitor usage statistics on stamping enabled accounts. If we notice any unusual or suspicious activity, we will notify you directly.

Can I use any device?

Yes, as long as the device has a camera and an active internet connection. Your employees can use their own devices if permitted or use a dedicated device for example smartphone or a tablet.