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Get rid of paper and plastic cards in the physical wallet! Outy is a game changer for you and your customers.

Outy provides personalized experience blended with tremendous simplicity and fast onboarding process.

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Reduce paper and plastic waste

Still have loyalty cards or one time membership cards?

Producing endless paper and plastic cards for your business is a thing of the past. Start today By going digital with Outy.

customer lifetime value

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More than 50% of initial customers become returning customers.

Businesses that use Outy see growth of at lest 25% in customer retention.

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Faster ...

...then ever!

Outy is the fastest platform to issue digital cards. With no mobile app download required on the client side, new card can be in the customer phone in less than 30 seconds.

It's a win/win for business and customer!

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    Super satisfied! Usually I'm very disorganized, so I always forget paper stamp cards at home. Now the card is always with me!

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    Michelle M.

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    We have been working with Outy for about a month now and we are more than satisfied with the product. Not only do we love it but our clients are even more in love with the product. I would definitely recommend trying it out!

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    The Poke Lab

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    I love the fact that I can store it in my phone's wallet!

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    Andrea B.

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    I go through 2 stamp cards a week. I believe this results in a significant amount of paper waste by the end of the year. I'm glad to save paper whenever possible, and I find Outy really helpful in this regard.

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    Fares A.

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    Outy is honestly very user-friendly and efficient. It took no time to get my stamp card and it was really simple as well.

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    Romina P.

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  • Loyalty Cards

    Fast and unique personalized loyalty cards for your clients. Customized for your business needs. Save money and encourage customers to spend more.

    Use next-generation loyalty platform designed to support small and medium retail businesses.

  • Membership cards

    Provide best customer experience by replacing physical membership cards. No more lost or forgotten cards, no more hassle!

    Stay connected with the customers via digital membership cards.

  • Simplicity is in our core

    Our platform is designed for simplicity, the whole process takes less 5 minutes for staff members to learn.

    Ease-of-use sets us apart and allows users to quickly and effortlessly get started with our platform!

Make right decisions... everytime

Know exactly how your business performs thanks to Outy realtime customer analytics. Gain new customers by our unique A.I. powered Ratings Booster tool. Save thousands on online advertising, internet marketing tools and marketing consultants with Outy. It is time to enjoy the future of decision intelligence (A.I.) Marketing Autopilot (coming soon).

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